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Civil Rights

Fighting To Protect Your Civil Rights

The Constitution of the United States grants citizens basic civil rights — providing a foundation for our entire justice system. Yet, despite the fact that many of these rights have existed for more than two centuries, they are still ignored on a regular basis.

At The Kindlon Law Firm, an Albany, New York, civil rights law firm, we are passionate about defending the rights of our clients and securing damages for individuals who have had their civil rights violated. With more than 100 years of combined legal experience, our lawyers have the in-depth legal background and litigation skills necessary to aggressively advocate on behalf of clients in cases involving:

  • Excessive use of force
  • Unnecessary use of guns, Tasers or pepper spray
  • Inappropriate use of police dogs
  • Abuse of prisoners' rights
  • Wrongful arrest
  • Malicious prosecution

Excessive brutality, illegal searches and unfounded prosecution on the part of government agents violate the civil rights afforded to U.S. citizens, but it can be incredibly difficult to prove that an officer acted outside the bounds of his or her discretion. At Kindlon Shanks & Associates, we fight vigorously to help our clients secure justice, even when the odds are stacked against them.

Many civil rights are expressly granted by the Bill of Rights, Constitutional amendments, and federal law, while others — like the right to privacy — are implied when looking at our nation's laws as a whole. A civil cause of action against the government for violations of these civil rights was created by 42 USC §1983.

At The Kindlon Law Firm, we fight for our clients every step of the way, working tirelessly to support our case with well-researched arguments that can stand the test of trial. This diligent approach has helped our firm build a track record of success in civil rights cases — recently securing one of the largest verdicts ever against the New York Department of Corrections.

To schedule an initial consultation with experienced Albany civil right violation attorneys, contact The Kindlon Law Firm at (518) 434-1493. We are available by telephone 24 hours a day.

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