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Success requires creativity, hard work and having the right resources to take on each new challenge. At The Kindlon Law Firm, we pride ourselves on being that resource for people and businesses throughout the Capital District.

Our lawyers bring more than 100 years of experience providing personalized legal advice and courtroom advocacy to clients. When you’ve tried to resolve a matter amicably but have reached a dead end, we are here to help. We work closely with you, learning about the issues and your goals so that we can tailor our representation to your unique needs.

At The Kindlon Law Firm, we take a proactive approach to law, which enables our attorneys to help clients avoid litigation and protect critical resources. Our comprehensive business law services include advising on business formation, negotiating and drafting business contracts, litigating breach of contract claims and advocating on behalf of businesses in litigation of complex business disputes.

We take our commitment to clients seriously, fighting for the rights and best interests of each business, their employees and their shareholders. Our team of experienced litigators are diligent and thorough, investing in each case so that businesses can thrive. When your business needs an advocate who can see it through, our attorneys are there to help.

Individuals and businesses often find themselves involved in a legal dispute with another party. These disputes, often deemed to be a breach of contract, typically becomes matters resolved through civil litigation which entails the use of courts or arbitrators for adjudication.

For plaintiffs involved in a civil litigation matter, the objective is to right a wrong, honor an agreement, or to obtain compensation for an injury.  On the other hand, defendants in a civil litigation matter want to aggressively protect their rights in opposing the plaintiff’s claim.

Whether you are a plaintiff or defendant, hiring a qualified civil litigation attorney is crucial in achieving a successful outcome in your case. Our civil litigation attorneys represent plaintiffs and defendants including individuals, partnerships, shareholders and corporations.

Our attorneys work closely with clients to evaluate their potential claims or defenses related to the commercial, professional, employment, and personal disputes. We represent clients before administrative agencies, alternative dispute resolution proceedings such as mediation or arbitration, jury or court trials in state and federal court as well as proceedings before appellate courts. We help clients prepare their cases and counsel them on steps and procedures involved.  A skilled civil litigation attorney can also help clients leverage their negotiating position to reach a beneficial settlement. A negotiated settlement is often the most expedient and cost effective way to resolve many disputes.

If a dispute cannot be resolved through negotiation, pursuing a case in the courts may be the best or only option. In these situations, our civil litigation attorneys will collaborate with experts including investigators, accountants, economic impact analysts, and other relevant professionals in order to achieve a successful outcome.

If your legal dispute has risen to the level of civil litigation, our attorneys are ready to help.

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