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At The Kindlon Law Firm, our top priority is helping clients secure the best possible outcomes to complex legal situations, regardless of how the odds are stacked against them. We represent clients in both state and federal courts, drawing on years of courtroom experience to build compelling cases that can stand the test of trial.

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We are Albany's Premiere Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Lawyers

At The Kindlon Law Firm, PLLC, we have built a reputation as unwavering fighters, determined to help our clients achieve success. Based in Albany, New York, we zealously advocate on behalf of clients throughout the Capital Region and surrounding areas, providing high-caliber legal services that protect clients' rights. With decades of combined legal experience, we have the knowledge, skill and resources necessary to effectively represent clients in a wide range of civil and criminal cases.

Criminal Defense

When you are facing criminal charges, the complexity of the legal system can seem overwhelming.  We advocate on behalf of clients, facing a wide variety of charges.

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DWI Defense

The Kindlon Law Firm is one of the leaders in DWI defense in upstate NY. Our DWI defense team, led by Martin Bonventre, sets the standard for hard-nosed & aggressive DWI defense. We understand that when otherwise law-abiding citizens are facing charges for driving while intoxicated (DWI), many want to treat the offense like a traffic violation, rather than a serious criminal charge. Our team has the knowledge and experience to handle your case the right way and give you the best possible defense.  

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Civil Litigation

Success requires creativity, hard work and having the right resources to take on each new challenge. At The Kindlon Law Firm, we pride ourselves on being that resource for people and businesses throughout the Capital District.

Our lawyers bring decades of experience providing personalized legal advice and courtroom advocacy to clients. When you’ve tried to resolve a matter amicably but have reached a dead end, we are here to help. We work closely with you, learning about the issues and your goals so that we can tailor our representation to your unique needs.

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Family & Matrimonial Law

Family ties are thought to be the most private and enduring relationships in society. As most can attest, however, these relationships are rarely free from conflict. When domestic issues cannot be solved within the home, family law seeks to restore order and provide a fair resolution for all parties involved.

For many, family law is thought to be synonymous with divorce proceedings. In reality, divorce is just a small part of family law which covers a broad array of domestic issues including adoption, premarital agreements, paternity and child support issues.

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White Collar Crimes

White collar crime is a broad classification used to describe charges of theft, misrepresentation and corruption, often involving financial transactions and business operations. These cases are often a top priority for investigators and prosecutors, making it critical that those accused of wrongdoing have experienced counsel protecting their rights. At The Kindlon Law Firm, our White Collar defense team is led by Lee Kindlon, and we are committed to providing the aggressive representation clients need when they are facing charges of white collar crime.

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Latest News

  • Jury: Former UAlbany student not guilty of sex assault

    October 21, 2016: Albany Times Union

    Defense attorney Lee Kindlon said Friday that his client was acquitted after one of the main eyewitnesses was revealed during the trial to be unreliable. Door access and swipe card records showed that she was not where she claimed to be leading up to and during the event in question...

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  • Jury splits verdict in mall gunfire trial

    May 5, 2017: Albany Times Union

    Tasheem Maeweather, the Albany man accused of firing a gun inside a bustling Crossgates Mall last fall, was acquitted of attempted murder, attempted assault in the first degree and criminal possession of a weapon. The jury found him guilty of only reckless endangerment...

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  • Juror Sympathy Draws out Open-Shut Albany Murder Verdict

    April 26, 2016: Albany Times Union

    The trial underscored a reality of the criminal justice system: nothing is ever really open and shut. Kindlon's defense was working for a few jurors. Kindlon acknowledged Weaver was the shooter, but argued his client committed the act because he was under duress...

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